Hi my name is Charles, but my friends here in Memphis call me Charlie. I am a local Memphis Family Photographer & a local wedding photographer

My short story.

Photography was never a strong interest of mine growing up. It wasn't until college that I discovered a love for photography. During this period in my life you could almost always find a camera attached to me at the hip. Unfortunately, life gets busy and finding free time to peel away and take photos became difficult.

But passions are strange things. It is my honest belief that when we truly have a passion it never really leaves us. Yes, we may put it on the shelf and try to forget about it, but those passions always come around again.

After 5 years of not taking a single photo with my camera, I randomly found the passion to begin to take photos again when my daughter was born. My love photography was rekindled as I knew that capturing her grow and change through the years would be important.

And here I am today. A simple photographer who understands the importance of capturing those moments that matter with those that matter the most. Life is so fast and it seems to get faster with each passing day. If you are here then you understand the importance of freezing the memories forever.

So if having beautiful images is your dream it would be my honest pleasure to capture you and your family.